Zenfolio ordering process

Basic ordering instructions (links to detailed instructions below)

Click on the folder you wish to view – this will open a thumbnails page (you may have to drill down through a couple of subfolders to get to the thumbnails).

Click through the images and make your selection – click on the file or print size you wish to order and Add to Cart or click on the heart in the top right hand corner of the photo and add to your favorites – then you can decide later on what size print or file you wish to order.

You will see a notification asking you to register to save your selection – although you can register as a guest, full registration enables you to save your selection and come back to it later.

Note: You cannot download the images at this stage

When ready to finalise your order …

CHECKOUT NOW takes you to the confirmation page

Register and Checkout – enables you to track your order and saves your delivery details for future orders

Checkout as Guest – you just need to supply your name and email to receive digital files. Or your name, email and postal address for print orders

Review and complete your purchase

Unfortunately the Zenfolio checkout system is not entirely user friendly and processes payment for digital orders and prints in two seperate operations.  So payment for digital files will be processed on the site and payment for print orders are done outside the site via PayPal. So if you are ordering both you  will have to enter your credit card details twice.

Digital files

You will now receive an Order Confirmation email with a download link.  Follow that link to the Download page – now you have two options. DOWNLOAD ALL PURCHASED ITEMS will be downloaded as a zip file. This file needs to be unzipped to retrieve the JPEG files. Alternatively you can download individual files by clicking the Download to my computer link associated with each file – these will be downloaded as JPEG files.

About file sizes


You will receive an Order Confirmation email

You will receive another email to acknowledge that we are processing your order

And another email when we dispatch your order via Australia Post (usually within a week)

Zenfolio ordering process – links to articles to assist your ordering process

Adding photos and products to the shopping cart 

Configuring products in the Shopping Cart